University of California Systemwide Academic Senate

Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications Policy (ITTP)

Minimum computing and communications equipment and software needs of instructors in the University of California

Draft v.1 Nov. 10, 2006

The ITTP is developing a list of computing and communications capabilities that are needed by all course instructors in the University of California. Once this is finalized by the Committee, it will be forwarded for approval by the Systemwide Academic Council as an official statement on behalf of the Academic Senate. We hope that this will assist instructors across the UC system to identify and acquire the resources needed to fulfill their teaching obligations.

Before this is finalized, we are seeking broad input from the campuses to make sure this list reflects a broad consensus. Please consider this list on your campus, and forward any suggestions (changes/deletions/additions, with justification) to ITTP Committee Analyst Kenneth Feer ( We would like feedback by December, or January at the latest, prior to consideration by the ITTP at its next meeting on Feb. 2.


The use of computing and communications technologies in teaching has expanded dramatically in recent years. Our students in all disciplines have high expectations for the use of technology in teaching and learning, and the University should broaden the use of technology to remain competitive. The following are guidelines for instructors and for the University as to the minimum capabilities needed in course instruction. Many disciplines have special needs beyond those listed below. The purpose of this list is to provide guidance to both instructors and the University as to the capabilities and resources required in course instruction.


Facilities and equipment

Computer applications

Information access

Authoring tools

Publication tools

Collaboration tools

In the case of collaboration tools, there is a special premium on compatibility of tools available to instructors and students:


Server applications

Services and assistance