UCLA faculty principles on the use of streaming videos
and other educational content

February 16, 2010

Submitted to Gene Block, UCLA Chancellor, and Scott Waugh, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, on behalf of the Information Technology Planning Board and the Academic Senate.

The Information Technology Planning Board (ITPB) and the Academic Senate were asked by EVC Waugh to identify our principles of academic concern with respect to the current matter of streaming videos.

Following a review of the recently published articles, blogs, and UCLA statements about the use of Video Furnace for course instruction, the ITPB held a plenary meeting on February 11, 2010 to address our concerns and identify our principles. The discussion was co-chaired by Prof. Robin Garrell, Chair of the Academic Senate, and Prof. Christine Borgman, Chair of the ITPB.  A subcommittee of ITPB* , plus Prof. Garrell, drafted these principles as the summary of the ITPB meeting.

These principles were strongly endorsed:

*Christine Borgman and Robin Garrell, Co-Chairs; Kathleen Komar, Jim Davis, Jerry Kang, Ann Karagozian, Sam Morabito